Jumping into Mentoring

This year I had the honor of "adopting" AJ Frens as my mentee. Through the LAS program, sophomores have the opportunity to chose a freshman from the cohort below and become their mentor. We are basically an on demand support system that can be used any way that our mentee needs. It's hard to believe … Continue reading Jumping into Mentoring


Dear Mentee,

Dear AJ, mentee and friend, Good luck, I'm here for you. We will need each other in the months to come. I started off my first year terrified for what could happen, but I had Josh Geary, my mentor and your G. In the same way that he guided me and gave me my first … Continue reading Dear Mentee,

LDR 200L

This three hour class, required for LAS protocol, is unlike any class I've ever taken before. The challenges I've faced there have not been as simple as trying to complete my homework on time or speaking in front of a class of about 45 students. It's so much more. I've had to think deeper than … Continue reading LDR 200L