Taught by Dr. Matthew Prewett, PSY 100 was an interesting and beneficial course that I will be able to apply to my life. Although this course is not required for my major it will help me to complete my minor in Leadership. The information I have learned for it will come in handy throughout the remainder of my college career and eventually my job. Now that I understand the basics of psychology, I am able to see and understand the social interactions between my classmates and coworkers and. This class was unlike any I’d taken before based on the fact that all of the homework was completed online, which was a refreshing take on college homework. Dr. Prewett made the course light and entertaining with his dad jokes and the occasional video of his child. He kept me interested in a subject I wasn’t very intrigued with and made me want to discover more about the workings of the human brain. I thoroughly enjoyed taking PYS 100 with the rest of my cohort and believe that it brought us closer together and helped us understand humans at a deeper level.


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