COM 267L

When applying for the required classes for the Leadership Advancement Scholarship, I immediately panicked when I read “Intro to Debate.” I’ve never been one to argue with others although my public speaking skills are decent. I was terrified that I would step in front of a class of 20 people and choke, therefore, resulting in a loss of a debate for my partner and me and a bit of public humiliation. However, of all the classes I’ve taken this semester, I believe COM 267 to have benefited me most of all.

I walked in to class feeling nervous and I exited feeling more empowered about my public speaking and debate skills than I ever have been. Dr. Cory Hillman taught the course I so dreaded and turned it into a class that made me a socially stronger person. I learned how to stand strong on a point of view and prove my point, even when I was assigned a topic I did not agree with. Dr. Hillman introduced logical fallacies to the class which explain the different flaws people have in their arguments and how we can refute them to prove our points in a debate and every day life. Even if I never find my self behind a podium debating again, I know I have the knowledge I need to always make sure my opinion is clearly heard.


Debate crew lunch


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