Sadie Robertson: A Leader in Faith and Love

A few years ago my brother made me watch this show with him about a family in the South, the Robertsons, that made millions of dollars on duck calls. It sounded ridiculous to me, so I was already set on hating it. I’m not one to watch reality TV shows, because it’s just too easy to see through the act they put on for the cameras. It’s not genuine. But this show with the duck people was different. Never before have I seen a family on TV that loved each other so greatly and loved God even more deeply than that. I started to watch Duck Dynasty and see this family whose whole life was put on national television for everyone to observe and to criticize, then I noticed something about the kids. They never let the world tell them who they needed to be, never conformed. They lived by the values of their family.

It’s not common, in recent years, for a teenager to reach a high level of fame for all of the right reasons. Many of today’s child stars are caught doing less than desirable acts, so it’s difficult for impressionable people my age to find a role model who will inspire them to become not just a good person, but a leader.

Sadie Robertson has become an inspiration for my faith and everyday life style. Because she’s such a cool person, these are just a few of the reasons why I see her as one of the most influential leaders of my generation.

  • A strong faith in God

A daily struggle for me is to remain a faithful and loyal servant of God. There are so many distractions in my life, that I often forget who gave me this life. The past few years Sadie Robertson has been on tour spreading God’s word and creating uplifting YouTube videos all in hopes of sharing her faith with complete strangers and attempting to deliver them to the Lord. She bravely speaks of being a Christian, knowing that she may be persecuted for it. She is an inspiration for everyone to be true to their faith no matter the circumstance.

  • Bomb public speaking skills

I don’t know of anyone my age who can speak as fluently as Sadie. She brings a presence to a group of people and makes them feel that she is speaking to them individually. She has confidence in what she says and isn’t scared to make a mistake. The energy she brings to a stage is mind-blowing.

  • Work in the missionary field

The Robertson family works closely with the philanthropy Roma Boots which gives boots to kids in impoverished countries. They often visit those who receive these boots and works with the communities spreading God’s love through service. A huge part of being a Christian is giving back what God has given to you, so to see such a fortunate family giving their all to strangers moves me in unspeakable ways.


  • Author at age 17

In 2014 Sadie authored her first book Live Original. She spoke of what it’s like to be the daughter of The Duck Commander, her outlook on life, and her family values. This book has lead to a Live Original devotional book and a whole national tour speaking to people of all ages. Through her writings, Sadie has reached thousands of people of all ages just being herself.


  • Dancing with the Stars runner-up

I would consider anyone who makes it on to Dancing with the Stars a role model of mine. I absolutely love the energy, competition, and elegance of this show.When Sadie danced with Mark Ballas, she brought a new level of grace to the show. Effortlessly, she “danced” her way to the finals and showed the world how to be modest and beautiful at the same time.




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