Yes, the Answer to Positivity in Leadership

If I could define leadership in the smallest and most simple way, I would say “yes”. This may seem almost too simple of a word that is unable to describe such a great and deep idea. However, simplicity is sometimes the best route to take when talking of leadership so as to not get lost in its many definitions.

I do not believe that saying yes is the answer to all of the worlds problems; that’s far from the truth. When leadership is in the picture, more often than not, yes is the best answer. Saying yes to the challenges we as leaders face is a risk. How does anyone grow if they don’t take risks? Yes means possibly having to step out of your comfort zone, which is terrifying and thrilling at the same time.

I’ve found that through my leadership experiences, to have a positive outlook on most situations and to respond with a positive action or answer makes things run smoothly. I see “yes” as positivity. That is what I strive for. Saying yes to a new challenge or a new way of thinking expands my skills as a leader. Without that expansion of my knowledge and skill, I will never become the leader I hope to one day be.


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