Pre-LAS in the D

Tomorrow morning, me and the rest of my cohort will set out for the magnificent Motor City of Detroit for two days filled with service and learning experiences. Typically, in my small hometown of Grant, the service projects I have the opportunity to participate in are organized with the local churches. We put on soup suppers and work with Love Inc. (a food pantry and resale shop) Never before have I experienced what it’s like to help those in need while being in such a huge and historic city. Already, I can feel the culture shock coming on for when I walk down the streets of Detroit and see those who live without homes, substantial food, and warmth. It’s difficult for me right now to understand what living a life like that might be like.

As I sit and write this, I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for what I will encounter, the good and the bad. It’s important to me, that I see that everyone has different struggles in life and there is always a way I can help.
LAS in the D has been something I’ve been scared for all year, but as I learn more about the city and the high school we will be working with, my nerves are calming. Not only will I be able to give back to a community in need, but I will get to work with aspiring leaders at Jalen Rose Leadership Academy. My hope, not only for me, but for my cohort as well, is that we keep an open mind and embrace all that we learn and experience.

Detroit Bankruptcy


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