Diversity, Inclusion, and Service LEAD Team

Part of the protocol for LAS students, is to be involved with a LEAD team. LEAD teams have a wide range of duties around campus. Some pertain specifically to LAS scholars and others are meant to benefit all students on CMU’s campus. I had the opportunity to be on a fairly new team called The Diversity, Inclusion, and Service team, nicknamed “DIS” LEAD Team. Our goal was to make our campus a more inclusive place to live and learn, to learn more as members, and to have closer relations with the MAC Scholars.

However, since this team was created very recently, it is still in the developing stages. Unlike other teams, we did not have a set list of events that we organized or attended and meeting attendance was low. There are several areas where I believe this LEAD team could be strengthened. We must clearly lay out a plan for the semester so that we have an idea of what we’d like to accomplish. Leadership of of this team must be intentional, meaning that chairs should be able to inspire members to become more involved. Our one success was a LAS MAS collaborated tailgate this past fall. It’s success, although, was mostly due to LAS juniors and seniors wanting a reason to come together and eat pizza.

I can see great things for “DIS” LEAD Team in the next few years with the right leadership and passion. To make this team as effective as possible, the members must truly be interested and care about diversity, inclusion, and service. It’s not something that can be done halfheartedly.


Tailgate photo booth ft. roomie and friends


My mentor Josh Geary “enjoying” a slice of pizza at the tailgate



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