Survival Tips for HST 110

Catherine Tobin’s History 110, The American Experience, covers American history from the Revolutionary war up until the Reagan administration. Tobin’s pleasant Irish accent makes waking up for a 10am (trust me it’s early) almost worth it. For all the LAS cohorts below me, here are a few things I’ve learned that are necessary to succeed in this course:

  1. Class attendance is not mandatory, but answers on quizzes come directly from the notes.
  2. Tobin is an adorable human being and just fun to listen to.
  3. You may think you have already learned all there is to know about American history, but this course focuses on the leaders of that history that you can learn a lot from.
  4. If people stop showing up for class, chances are there will be a pop quiz (with open notes) that will replace a low quiz score.
  5. After class is a great opportunity to get breakfast together and have some bonding time.
  6. Be prepared for a much deeper lecture with more detail than what is taught in high school.
  7. Book reports and projects are best started a few weeks early so you can visit office hours to see if you are on the right track.
  8. Try not to start essays the night before, they do not turn out as well as you’d hope.
  9. You only get to take a few classes with your cohort, so enjoy the time you have with them!

After having taken this class, I can confidently say that I have a deeper understanding of the leaders of our nation. I see the importance of knowing who the men and women that influenced our country are. Without them, America would be greatly lacking in the integrity area. Looking to these leaders I have a model of what to do and not to do and how I want to practice my leadership.


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