His House Church

My faith is something that I’ve alway held close to my heart, but struggled to maintain at the same time. At home, I had my parents to encourage me to attend church and youth group meetings, my town was majorly Christian, and I was expected to practice my religion regularly. I did all of these things willingly and happily. But, when it came time for me to move to Mt. Pleasant, fear set in. I was worried how I would be able to continue strengthening my faith without anyone to keep me accountable.

Within my first few weeks at CMU, I was recommended, by a friend, to check out His House Church. It was a nondenominational church made up of mostly college students and had so many opportunities to get involved. I started attending with a couple of my LAS friends on Sundays. Automatically, I fell in love with the service, people, and atmosphere. Never have I felt so comfortable in a church, nor did I look forward to Sunday mornings as much as I do while at His House.

I signed up to be a part of women’s life group after attending service for a week or two. It was different from what I’ve experienced in the past with my youth groups. All student or grad student led, the meetings were much more mature and intentional. It was a nice change from high school kids running around and playing games after a five minute bible study. At women’s life group, I had the ability to pray in peace, connect with my sisters in Christ, and develop a closer relationship with God.

Another program His House offers is spring break trips. This spring I had the opportunity to road trip to New Orleans, Louisiana with 14 other IMG_1946students who attend the church. While there we worked with community members and organizations to spread God’s love in a poverty stricken city. That one trip has changed my life for the better, to read more about my trip click here.

Next year I see myself even more involved with the church, taking part in more of their events and getting to know more of the congregation. Having this church so close to campus has made it easier for me to keep in touch with my faith. It’s still a daily struggle for me to remember to pray and read the Bible, but because I have the people I’ve met through His House, I never fear falling from God. I’ve grown immensely this past year thanks to the church and I plan to give back to them and serve them any way I can in my years to come at CMU.



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