LDR 200L

This three hour class, required for LAS protocol, is unlike any class I’ve ever taken before. The challenges I’ve faced there have not been as simple as trying to complete my homework on time or speaking in front of a class of about 45 students. It’s so much more. I’ve had to think deeper than ever before and force myself to be fully immersed in every activity or workshop that took place in class. My theories on leadership have been challenged. I now have new ideas on the health of our society. I have a more intense passion for life and my goals. My professor and TAs gave me reason to think in a way that I’d never been asked to think before. They truly care about who we become and what we do for our communities.

Students who want to pursue leadership minors will find this class to be the most beneficial of all the required courses. It’s ridiculously easy to apply to life in and out of school, which can’t be said for most classes. I never thought I’d enjoy a three hour class as much as I have enjoyed this one.

Now that I understand different leadership theories, have created my why statement, taken part in a service trip to Detroit, learned what it means to be a strong mentor, and created a more intimate bond with my cohort, I know that I will have no problems taking what I’ve learned outside of the classroom. Whether that be to an RSO or a job, I have gained so much knowledge and grown even more as a person. All this from one class in one semester. I’m realizing more each day how fortunate I am to have received this scholarship.

Here are a few pictures of my lovely cohort from throughout our first year.




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