Dear Mentee,

Dear AJ, mentee and friend,
Good luck, I’m here for you. We will need each other in the months to come. I started off my first year terrified for what could happen, but I had Josh Geary, my mentor and your G. In the same way that he guided me and gave me my first friendship here, I will be your friend and mentor. What you may not realize is that, already, I value having you in my life. Though I don’t yet know you, I am determined to be the best example for you to help you succeed.
We can do this. It’s going to be team effort. If you want me to be purely someone to guide you through your freshman year, I will put all of my heart into being what you need. If you want to be friends, I will gladly accept. Either way, we are in this together. College is scary, freshman year is scary, being a mentor is scary, but I got your back.
Just like life, this is a learning experience. There will be moments when you feel like nothing is going your way and it’s too difficult to function; I know what that is like. I learned some things the hard way my first year, but I always had Josh standing behind me and that’s what I plan to do for you. You deserve to have a mentor who supports you when you learn and catches you when you fall.
I went through a workshop on how to be the best mentor for you. I know now that what I must do to help you succeed may not always be what I have in mind, but I’m ready for the challenge. What ever you require of a mentor or friend, I will do everything I can to be there for you.




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