Three Questions to Inspire

Ted Talks are a magnificent thing used to gain random, yet useful, bits of knowledge. One talk in particular is highly praised in the LAS cohorts, that is "The Golden Circle" by Simon Sinek. This is something we use constantly to make sure we are concentrating on the real reason behind why we do what … Continue reading Three Questions to Inspire


Pre-LAS in the D

Tomorrow morning, me and the rest of my cohort will set out for the magnificent Motor City of Detroit for two days filled with service and learning experiences. Typically, in my small hometown of Grant, the service projects I have the opportunity to participate in are organized with the local churches. We put on soup suppers … Continue reading Pre-LAS in the D

Wolfs and Water Parks and Connections Oh My!

A requirement of the Leadership Advancement Scholarship is to attend the Connections Leadership Conference during our Freshman year. This conference was opened to all leaders on CMU's campus who wished to further their leadership skills and wanted to meet more leaders like themselves. All 49 members of my cohort attended Connections along with several members … Continue reading Wolfs and Water Parks and Connections Oh My!