Leadership Philosophy

“Inspire others to learn deeply, listen intently, and love unconditionally.”

My “why statement”, is one of the best ways for me to clearly describe the values that I hold myself to in order to become the most effective leader I can be. The effectiveness of my leadership is rooted in my core values of appreciating people for who they are, loving them without hesitation, and alway being there for anyone who needs to be listened to. It’s also created from the people who I have been inspired by; my parents, grandma, mentor, and close friends. If not for my experiences in leadership roles or for the people who have guided me, my core values that make me who I am, would be entirely different. Experiences build character; failure, success, both have a place in my life.
Over the past few months, I’ve noticed how my leadership style differs from my fellow LASers. LAS has a certain culture of high energy and extraversion that surrounds it. Maybe it has to do with my quiet nature, but I have found I use a more intimate and personal approach to tasks. Having a more intimate personality makes me an excellent listener and a comfort to most people. I’m not the typical hype LAS kid. I don’t find my joy in talking to people and giving them advice on how to be a leader and I don’t believe that is the way I can be most effective. There is just something about listening to people’s lives and their passions that makes me love human beings so much more. Since attending CMU, I’ve realized that my best friends were created after a time they needed a listening ear. I am known as the friend who is always available to listen. I was there for them when all they needed was to let out their stress. There is no better way for me to lead a person, or a group of people than when I truly know them. When I can develop a connection with someone that is deeper than the knowledge of their major and minor, thats where I find my joy. I desire to understand what makes an individual defiant, funny, shy, or sympathetic. I care about who someone is as a person, not quite so much what they say, but the actions that they take.
I see no better way for me to show that I truly value and care for a person than when I listen to them. It’s my hope that when others speak of me, they will speak of my compassion and empathy. This is what I hold close to my heart and how I desire to go about my life.