If there is one thing I would ever pride myself in, it’s active listening. I find great joy in being able to hear what people have to say, learning from them, and learning about them. I believe that with listening, comes patience. One must have the patience to be able to listen and understand an individual.

I am currently studying Spanish here at CMU and would consider myself to be quite proficient in the language. Having the ability to talk to a larger population of people is such an amazing opportunity. Seeing the excitement in people’s faces when I can speak with them in their own language is quite rewarding.

I find that my calm personality makes it easy for me to adjust to almost any environment without difficulty. Whether it be stress or excitement, I always try to find the proper reaction to situations so that myself and others will be comfortable.

The skill that I hold in the highest importance, however, it the ability to be trusted. To be someone to confide in. I will never lie to or mislead someone I trust and care for, I believe that builds a strong relationship and lets them know that I would never let them down.