Leader Advancement Scholarship

“The Leader Advancement Scholarship is awarded each year to 40 outstanding high school seniors who have distinguished themselves through a record of leadership and service.” -cmich.edu/leadership

Each student awarded this scholarship is also given $8000 in scholarship money, $2000 for each academic year. Students are expected to take designated leadership courses with the rest of their cohort, attend conferences, complete a blog, be involved in RSOs, and participate in community service. Each student is also given a mentor from the LAS class above them to guide them to success.

In the time I’ve been a part of LAS, I’ve learned what it means to be an exceptional leader, I’ve made important connections, found great friends and served my community. This program was designed to educate the leaders of today in hopes of a better tomorrow and that is exactly what it has done for me.

If you are a high school senior and interested in applying or you just want to learn more, click here.