The Year I Learned

It's my final day on campus, and as I sit here on my couch eating Fritos and watching "Friends" for the third time, I think back to who I was at the beginning of my freshman year and how I barley recognize myself. Just a few months ago, I was relying on my parents and … Continue reading The Year I Learned


His House Church

My faith is something that I've alway held close to my heart, but struggled to maintain at the same time. At home, I had my parents to encourage me to attend church and youth group meetings, my town was majorly Christian, and I was expected to practice my religion regularly. I did all of these … Continue reading His House Church


I thought that as a first year college student I'd go to Florida or South Carolina with a group of friends for spring break and hang out on the beach all day. We would relax, not worry about school, and get a tan going. God had other plans for me, plans that were so much … Continue reading NOLA